XCOM 2 is an action packed turn based strategy game where you have to do what it takes in order to battle aliens that have already managed to take over our planet.

The story is a lot more interesting this time around because you are a part of the resistance and you have to work very hard, as hard as you can in order to eliminate the aliens and bring the planet back into our hands. It’s a one of a kind, exciting experience that you do not want to miss at all costs.

The gameplay remains pretty much the game when compared to the first entry in the series, but there are some cool things here such as the fact that you can give commands to squad members and the maps are procedurally generated. You have multiple classes that you can control and all of them has its unique set of abilities. There are also some melee weapons to be used which make the experience even more cool and exciting.

A nice thing is that the game, unlike the first one, offers complete support for mods which is amazing and very exciting.

With a great mission system, incredible graphics and a huge attention to detail, XCOM 2 definitely manages to take the gameplay to new heights and it does an amazing job with that. If you really like strategy games or XCOM as a whole, then you should totally try out XCOM 2. It takes the idea of alien invasions to new levels and thanks to procedurally generated levels it really delivers incredible replay value, so it’s well worth your time. Compare your CD Key Here.