Watch Dogs 2 is basically Ubisoft’s continuation of the open world hacker game and it’s one of the titles that is set to offer a major promise and great results. One of the coolest things about this game is that it was created specifically with the idea of offering you a massive game world where you can be a hacker. You will engage in eliminating the csOS 2.0 as you work from a hacking group named DedSec.

Your main focus here will be eliminating the surveillance system and you will also have the ability to bring in chaos in the game as you see fit. That’s what makes it unique and refined, a great experience that you will certainly appreciate because of that alone. The game mechanics in Watch Dogs 2 are improved because you can literally control just about everything from cars to other phones and so on. The game was created by consulting hackers from the real world in order to make the game authentic and refined.

The core gameplay still remains similar to the first title in the series but the game does a very good job when it comes to making everything fun and enticing as it should be. You can access even more vehicles than the previous title and the gameplay can be a little stealthier this time around not to mention that there is a huge focus on parkour here as well, which is quite unique and interesting also.

The ability to control stuff remotely does manage to make the game more interesting and immersive. It also provides you with better control over the entire experience. The game world is larger and you explore San Francisco now, something that does come with its own set of rewards and challenges as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you do have multiplayer this time around. However, Watch Dogs 2 does a very good job when it comes to creating a great cooperative multiplayer and it also has some interesting online modes like online invasions and bounty hunter.

The development process for Watch Dogs 2 went up quite smooth as the game started development in 2014. Since then, the development team started gathering ideas and even talked with the customers on various forums. That on its own managed to make the experience more refined and interesting to begin with. They also experimented quite a bit until they figured out the main weapon for the character. It was a lot of work behind the scenes because they wanted to make the game different and more interesting when compared to the previous entry in the series.

The personality of the main character is different, the game is more immersive and overall you do get a very good value. People that enjoyed Watch Dogs will surely have a blast with Watch Dogs 2 and you should consider trying it out for sure. It really is a special, fun game that you should check out so do give it a try when it comes out because it does feature a great open world experience. Compare your CD Key here.