Titanfall 2 is a new iteration of the Titanfall series, a game where your main purpose is to eliminate all the enemies on the map all while exploring the unique opportunities that come your way. The great thing about Titanfall 2 is that this time you also a singleplayer mode aside from the multiplayer only experience.

In singleplayer you play the role of a soldier which is named Jack Cooper and you need to try and eliminate your enemies and explore numerous planets as you acquire the best possible results.

What you will like here is that you can easily transit from soldier to titan based attacker without a problem. The game does a very good job when it comes to providing you with a wide array of parkour elements and the gameplay is very immersive because of that.

There are some new elements that further improve on the parkour gameplay, which include zip lining, wall running and so on. Plus, you can also chain your movements and travel between locations without a problem.

The parkour is slower than last time which is understandable and the game does a very good job when it comes to offering a distinct, fun approach that you do not want to miss. The matches are created with predictability in mind and that’s exactly what makes the experience distinct and exciting to say the least.

They also added some new elements like the pulse blade which is basically a throwing knife, a holo pilot, a graphing hook and a great sliding mechanic that does a very good job to begin with. You will have a great progression system that is similar to the first game although this time you have a much more immersive gameplay and unique weapons. The customization options are plentiful in the game and the entire experience is designed with a unique and fun approach in mind which is very impressive to say the least.

Executions will shift the camera in third person, but other than that, you will see everything in first person. The titans are very powerful and this particular time you get a lot more titans to begin with. The game does a stellar job when it comes to providing you a really immersive, exciting experience that will keep you pumped all around.

The new titans have abilities as well and each one of them is unique to the point where you will always want to have a better and more immersive experience to begin with. The game is very fun and it will provide you with plenty of interesting gameplay moments. Should you try it? Yes, because the title is one of a kind and well worth your time. Just give it a shot, you will be more than happy with the fun titan gameplay and the interesting ideas offered here. It’s uncertain if the multiplayer will be as good as the predecessor, but there are multiple game modes and some of them are new, while others like Attrition make a good comeback. Overall, Titanfall 2 is a great package and a solid gaming experience that you definitely want to check out right away! Compare Titanfall 2 CD Key here.