Mafia III is a game that wants to push the Mafia series forward with new gameplay and a new setting as well. The new setting is actually a very interesting one because it does manage to bring in front quite some interesting changes to the series. The game is set in 1968, so you don’t have the 20s or 40s like the previous times but you do get an impressive gameplay that revolves around the mob of New Bordeaux.

You will play the role of Lincoln Clay which was a Vietnam veteran and an orphan as he tries to unfold what the Italian mob in the city. In order to do that, he tries to create a new crime organization whose main purpose is to actually confront the Italian mob and eliminate it once and for all.

Just like the other games, this one is also a third person title and it does have a massive open world that you can explore. All the weapons and cars are time accurate, which means that you will be able to drive some of the coveted cars from the 60s.

However, the main core of the game is still shooting around and eliminating enemies, something that you need to do the best way you can if you want to get the best experience. Unlike the other games though, Mafia III focuses quite a bit on stealth.

Sure, you don’t have to focus only on stealth as the game allows you to play in any way you want. However, that’s what makes the game fun, the fact that you can easily use a different approach and strategy.

There are also executions that you can do whenever you want and that on its own manages to offer an immense value to the gameplay. Of course, there’s also a cover system that will help you avoid the gunfire.

Also new to the series is the fact that you can interrogate NPCs in order to find new stuff about the objectives and the quests you need to perform. The story is easy to follow although it does have some interesting twists that you will appreciate and enjoy.
Development for Mafia III began quickly after the second game launched and even if there were a few issues with 2K Czech, the game development for Mafia III continued at Novato in California. Thankfully, the development team focuses on high speed chases in the Superdome and full realism for both weapons and cars alike. This is very important considering the game is fully focused on offering a unique insight into the 60s era, although the tonality is changed when compared to the previous games.

Overall, Mafia III is set to be a huge success and one of the best games of this year. The only concerns are the optimization for PC and the new setting which is quite different when compared to the previous ones. Still, it should work seamlessly and without any hassle, thus offering us one of the best mob stories in a video game! Compare your CD Key Here.