Homefront: The Revolution is the second installment in the Homefront franchise and it tries to focus specifically on offering a more interesting approach this time around. The game is now open world and not linear, something that makes the experience very appealing. 

The story on its own is set at around 4 years after the original and we now play the role of Ethan Brady once again, although this time he tries to stage a resistance movement against the Korean invaders that want to destroy Philadelphia.

Integrated in Homefront: The Revolution, among many others, is a new crafting experience that allows you to scavenge stuff and use it in order to craft the stuff you need. In addition to that, the game does a great job in adding new mission and offering you a very refined, unique experience right off the bat. You can even modify weapons as you want, even during a fight all so that you can get a better shooting experience and more damage if that is needed.

The gameplay is more action packed this time around and you have multiple districts to explore, as well as plenty of missions. And while the first game had competitive multiplayer, this time around you have the ability to engage into a 4-player cooperative mode that embraces teamwork instead of competition. Of course, you still get competitive modes, but it’s nice to see cooperation here.

Homefront: The Revolution is a nice addition to the series and even if it’s not a THQ game any more since the publisher went bankrupt, it does retain many of the aspects from the original. You should totally give it a shot if you want a nice and action packed game, you might end up loving it! Compare your CD Key Here.