Football Manager always tend to bring in a new, exciting twist and more gameplay value with each iteration. 2015 was a great year for the series and with Football Manager 2016 we also have the ability to take our favorite teams to new heights unlike never before.

That’s what makes Football Manager 2016 interesting, because the game has indeed new and cool stuff to be had. Players can customize the way their manager looks on the pitch, and there are two new modes. The modes are called Create A Club and Fantasy Draft, both of these adding in a lot of value to the experience.

When it comes to gameplay it’s pretty sure that the outcome is truly similar to what you would expect, but there are some improvements as well. The animation and movement is a lot better, the AI has improved significantly and now it’s a lot harder to defeat the AI in matches against it, not to mention that the Set Piece Creator and the Match Tactics are improved as well. They also added in some social features.

Development for the game was pretty normal considering that this is an annualized series so no surprise there, however the interesting thing is that after so many iterations Football Manager still manages to sit in front as one of the best entries in the series which is what matters the most. It’s a really cool, fun game to play and you should totally check it out if you even remotely love football. Compare your CD Key Here.