DOOM is a new iteration of the simply stunning shooter that has revolutionized the gaming world as we know it. What makes this new entry interesting is the fact that even if the story remains pretty much within the lines of the other ones, we get a lot more gore, intense moments and epic gameplay that’s added up in order to create the finest, most interesting and action packed experience that you have ever seen out there.

The focus is on combining both melee and fire weapons in order to deliver as many damage as you can and in the game you do get a great satisfaction from doing so. Many of the favorite weapons return but there are some new ones as well, and the same happens with the enemies, with the Cyberdemon, Mancubus and others coming back to us!

You still have the ability to play multiplayer, something that many DOOM players will be glad to hear. Aside from the normal modes you also get the ability to play some asymmetrical multiplayer modes that make the gameplay more interesting and they also offer a nice change of pace to the series.

Even if the game was announced in 2008 and since then it went through multiple shifts when it comes to both the setting and its story, DOOM is finally here on May 13 and it’s a delight to play. It revises the good old gory shooter genre and it brings the ultimate, fun package that you always wanted to check out. It’s a complete delight and definitely some of the best shooters you have played in years! Compare your CD Key Here.